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Wed Mar 22 08:57:42 2006 From Afar Well, here's my two cents. Walker's should take The Trust for Public Land up on its offer if it is still available. To try and squeeze every last penny out of this land by plowing it over is unconscionable. Take the preservation dollars and invest them in the school or in the bond market. I guarantee that such an investment will at least equal what would be netted by the subdivision without generating ill will amongst the alumnae or town residents. DO THE RIGHT THING WALKER'S!
Fri Mar 24 10:40:23 2006
Dear Far Away, EWS IS STILL NEGOTIATING with the TPL. The preservation option IS STILL "on the table". Please contact the Head of EWS and its board members and encourage them to partner with the TPL to preserve this land. Please go to ethelwalker.org (the school's web site) for contact information. Thanks for expressing your 2 cents.
Mon Apr 17 12:32:10 2006 Karen I am from out of town, but I would like to know what the current status of this whole project is. Also, who do I call to get information from about this project? Thanks, Karen
Tue Apr 18 00:26:25 2006
You can get information from several sources: 1) EWS: (860) 408-4210, 2) Town Hall: (860) 658-3240, 3) TPL: (203) 777-7367, 4) KTW: (860) 760-6281
Tue Apr 18 23:24:22 2006
You can also call Hugh Hildesley, Chairman of the EWS Board of Trustees, at (212) 606-7579.
Thu May 18 20:38:55 2006 Rebecca There are many, many, alums who do not want to see the EWS land developed. Visit www.ewsalumsforland.org
Thu Jun 22 14:17:31 2006 johnc Congratulations on a job well done! Hope all of the pieces to this agreement remain permanently glued!!
Sun Jun 25 21:14:51 2006
Here's hoping that all those with the property bordering Walker's who want to see this work put their money where their mouth is. This is going to be a challange for the town. Set the example.
Tue Jun 27 17:22:53 2006 Betsy Ballenger Thank you for keeping me posted on this. I am an EWS alumna who lives in California. Now that we have this good news, although I know there is still work to be done, I would like to be taken off your mailing list. I am getting emails from school, from you, from friends and alumnae and it's all a duplication. Good luck to you, but please take me off your email list. I can't vote and don't know anyone in Simsbury anyway. Thanks, Betsy Ballenter
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Mon Jul 10 13:36:04 2006 Steve As someone who grew up next to the property, spent my childhood roaming and skiing the property, and finally as a past employee of EWS, I was worried when I first heard of this issue and the potential for the tract to be developed. Sounds like EWS has come up with a good solution and they should be congratulated. Now comes the need for solid support from the Town. Hope Simsbury has the courage to keep some of its landscape intact, free of development. If not here, where?
Mon Aug 28 11:06:21 2006 concerned alum In the last e-mail I received it was stated that the Simsbury Board of Finance had rejected the Selectman's proposal for 11 million and preservation of the land. As an outsider it is hard to discern who the Board of Finance represents...and if the board and alums are in support of the preservation who this third party is and how they have the power to reject such a proposal. Having graduated many years ago I have been sad to see the school continue to change its structure in order to stay afloat. One may even argue its academic standing has slipped significantly losing to our rival down the road. If 2 million is the difference in making or breaking this school perhaps it is time to consider the need today for two single sex boarding schools 10 miles apart...before we change the landscape and ecosystem of this area.