Subject: EWS / Open Space in the Hartford Courant, IRS benefits for donations
From: Keep The Woods
Date: Sun, 4 Dec 2005 18:49:24 -0500


Please see the editorials in the Hartford Courant outlining the road ahead for helping the Ethel Walker School retain its campus and trails as undeveloped land protecting the town drinking water.,0,4776513.story


Also, an editorial about major state monies targeted toward open space acquisition ("Investing in Land That Lasts"), specifically highlights "keystone properties" similar to the Ethel Walker Land.,0,1377736.story?coll=hc-headlines-editorials


Additional private monies are needed to secure the development rights to the property.  Don't miss out on donation opportunities for tax year 2005.

The IRS has changed its rules on donations to non-profits this year due to Katrina, Rita, etc.  Usually the maximum that any individual can deduct in any year is limited to 50% of adjusted gross income.  This year the limit was raised to 100% of annual gross income. 

Detailed instructions and an optional form for donating are available at:

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