Subject: Front page news: “Ethel Walker Preservation Assured” – but see information below!
From: Keep The Woods
Date: Wed, 7 Dec 2005 15:05:24 -0500


Many, many people called, emailed and accosted KTW members with congratulations and relief about the preservation of the Ethel Walker Land, as well as offers to help with fundraising, when they saw the headline below on the front page of the Simsbury Post:

Ethel Walker Preservation Assured

The headline of the article indicates the path we are on, but we are NOT at the finish line yet.  Negotiations are still in progress and additional fundraising and groundwork for fundraising is still needed.  Efforts will continue to educate citizens as to how critical this land is for many reasons, including drinking water!  The content of the article IS accurate, and the link to the complete article is:

We continue to need your voice and your support to assure preservation!

Information on donations:

An official donation / pledge form:

Preservation is the Best Option.