Subject: Land use in the news
From: Keep The Woods
Date: Tue, 20 Dec 2005 12:52:59 -0500


The Hartford Courant has published several important articles recently that address the important and urgent matter of preserving the Ethel Walker property.

The Ethel Walker School is in a position envied by many landowners they will receive comparable monies for preservation, risk-free, because the land is so valuable as open space and drinking water protection.  Now that the public is aware of the need to yield money from the land we can lend our voice to the urgent matter of preserving this treasure and be proactive about protecting it from development.

See articles linked below:

If You Love Our Forests, Let Them Stand (Hartford Courant, Dec. 18, 2005)  "Every landowner has an obligation to be a steward of the land for the future . . . Subdivision is wrong.  Your responsibilities as a trustee supersede your rights as a landowner. . . "

Developer, Spare This Vital Industry  (Hartford Courant, Dec. 18 2005) "Timber is a green, renewable, natural product  . . . money that does, actually, grow on trees."

Treasures Quietly Slipping Away (Hartford Courant, Dec. 18, 2005)  "The loss might have been prevented if the public was aware of the status of the land."

It is up to the public to make a difference for the future in responsible land use.  Add the preservation account at the Trust for Public Land to your holiday gift list.  Don't miss out on 2005 for a tax-deductible contribution!!

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