Subject: Environmental concerns with developing EWS land
From: Keep The Woods
Date: Wed, 11 Jan 2006 13:53:26 -0500


Many environmental organizations, state officials, and other experts have expressed, and continue to express, their concerns about developing the Ethel Walker Land.  Fortunately, with the Trust for Public Land involved and negotiating for the property, EWS has the option to yield significant monies for preserving it and thus avoid the complications of development.

A recent letter to the editor in the Hartford Courant commented specifically on the Ethel Walker development proposal.  Kirt Mayland of the national organization Trout Unlimited is keenly aware of the impacts of a subdivision throughout a woodland with sensitive wetlands and streams.  Trout are the "canary in the coal mine" for environmental degradation and a major indicator of water quality.  The following are some quotes from Mr. Mayland's letter.

"The effect of this development on the fragile Stratton Brook watershed . . . would be devastating and permanent."

"Recent studies show that human impact (lawns, pavement, homes and so forth) of this size leads to extirpation of wild brook trout, the state's only native trout and an emerging indicator of a steady deterioration in the state's rivers and streams."

"Natural assets such as the Stratton Brook watershed should be protected and preserved for future students, town residents and wildlife alike, and not manipulated and sold in a financial marketplace."

"Schools should serve as models for their impressionable students, demonstrating careful environmental stewardship at both a local and global level. A school, whose board and alumni ranks includes the who's who of corporate America, clearly has numerous other options to increase its endowment. It should not take out its past fundraising failures on the wild brook trout, white-tailed deer or the countless other species that rely on this unique watershed for survival."

Read the full letter here.

We want the school to realize the maximum dollars that can be assemble, and we know the money is out there.  If you know of any foundations or organizations who support land acquisition, drinking water protection, environmental education, equestrian activities, etc. please forward them to Mary Nemerov at the Trust for Public Land (  Individual donations for this preservation effort can be made directly to TPL by using this form (a Word DOC file).  Detailed instructions are available here.

Wishing you a New Year with Personal, Financial, and Environmental Successes!!

Preservation is the Best Option.