Subject: DEP launches major initiative; Attend environmmental conference THIS FRIDAY
From: "Keep The Woods"
Date: Wed, 29 Mar 2006 00:33:09 -0500


THANK YOU to those who have written and called the legislature.  Keep it up!!  Your representatives are your best voice.  Please urge them to support open space initiatives and watershed protection at the state level.  If you have not yet written or called, read more about Bill 656 and who to contact.  Do it today!!

The Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection has announced a major initiative: "No Child Left Inside".  Hear about it on WNPR. 

Related to this, Richard Louv, author of "Last Child in the Woods: Saving our Children from Nature Deficit Disorder" will be speaking Friday 3/31 at Quinnepiac University.  He cites studies showing the enormous benefit of natural spaces for children's creativity and mental health.  The conference is sponsored by Connecticut Outdoor & Environmental Education Association.  Attend part or all of the event -  it's a great chance to network with friends and colleagues, and meet new people involved in outdoor and environmental education.  Details at  There will be numerous exhibits, and it is an opportunity to find agencies who might be interested in partnering/funding environmental education - a sustainable way for the Ethel Walker School to receive money from the land for years to come.  Environmental science is the fastest growing science at many colleges and universities.  Read more about the educational value of the Ethel Walker Land.

The importance of state funding for open space was voiced by Keep the Woods members in a story broadcast on WNPR shortly after the Connecticut Council on Environmental Quality held its meeting in Simsbury on February 22nd.  Every group that spoke at the meeting talked about the Ethel Walker property.  Any development will ruin its integrity, environmental value, and risk the drinking water aquifer below the land.  

Most of the state's water resources are in underground aquifers and are easily contaminated.  Many have already been degraded and are no longer used.  Current regulations are inadequate.  We cannot take clean water for granted. 

The Ethel Walker Land is within the aquifer protection zone.  At this critical juncture we need to secure this watershed as open space for now and for the future.

Keep The Woods!

P.S. Hope to see you at the Trout Unlimited Annual Banquet this Friday night!