Subject: Subdivision details. KTW archives available.
From: "Keep The Woods"
Date: Tue, 18 Apr 2006 00:15:58 -0400

For people just joining our group, or visiting intermittently, we have started an archive of KTW's emails.  See them here.
Last week we sent out a map showing the overlay of the EWS property lines and the aquifer protection zone.  The land overlies a high-yield drinking water aquifer serving three towns and many additional private wells.  

Below, see details of the proposed subdivision sited on the 450 acres west of Bushy Hill Rd.  Only a portion of this land is usable for a subdivision due to wetlands and existing pastures and equestrian facilities.  However this portion slated for the subdivision snakes throughout the property and impacts its entirety.

Subdivision Plan w/Legend 

Thank you to the attendees and organizers of open mike night!  
We are having a Community Meeting this Wednesday, Flamig Farm, 7PM.  Hope to see you there.

Keep The Woods!