Subject: We have a referendum!
From: "Keep The Woods"
Date: Wed, 6 Sep 2006 15:14:01 -0400


The Town of Simsbury Board of Finance, Board of Selectman and Planning Commission have taken the final steps to ensure that we can VOTE for the preservation of the Ethel Walker Property on the regular election day ballot, November 7th.  The new financing arrangement makes it much easier for the town to finance the property without a large bonding up front, and provides more time to secure state and federal grants. 
Here are the latest stories in reverse order:,0,7271221.story,0,6550323.story
And a lead editorial written by the Courant on this issue:,0,1972310.story

IMMEDIATELY, we are cranking up our fundraising and efforts to get out the YES vote.  Many of you replied to indicate that you will vote yes.  We need each of you to identify as many YES votes as possible, ASAP.  Please do one of three things immediately:
1.  Reply to this email with the names and addresses of any other voters (friends, relatives neighbors, colleagues) that you know are committed to voting yes.  Send in your yes vote and any other voters in your house ASAP if you have not done so already.  Give a few people a call who you think are supportive, confirm their vote, and send in their name and address. 
2.  Send an email to your list of contacts in Simsbury and ask them if they plan on voting yes, compile a list from the replies, and send in to us; OR
3.  Email your contacts this information so they can log their support in electronically:
Send a short email note described in #3 to as many people as possible and add some brief details about the project - drinking water quality, scenic rural character, permanent public access to trails, etc.  If anyone has questions, have them call our dedicated phone line and we will return their call within 24hours.  760-6281.
Septemberfest!! September 8,9,10.  Look for KTW booth in a prime location.  Bring the kids to our fun activities and toys!
Landscaping for Wildlife Garden Party:  September 9, 1-4PM.  This is a unique and unusual event . Many experts will be there.
Archaeological Hike - September 16th, 9:30, Town Forest Park
Tariffville Village Festival, September 23td, 10AM-4PM.
Community meeting, 7PM Flamig Farm.  Final sign-up for Septemberfest, more voter outreach.
Thanks for your support, and for identifying the support of others ASAP!  We need 5300 yes votes!!!

Keep The Woods!

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