Subject: EWS endorses new financing unanimously; Courant article on drinking water contamination
From: "Masino, Susan A."
Date: Sun, 8 Oct 2006 23:43:09 -0400
To: "Masino, Susan A."



Big community meeting:


Wednesday, October 11

Flamig Farm, 7PM


This is the LAST MEETING before the town meeting and VOTE on 10/17.  It is imperative that everyone attends.


BE SURE TO CLEAR YOUR CALENDAR to attend the town meeting Tuesday, October 17th, 7PM, Simsbury High School and vote YES.


Great news!  The Trust for Public Land has announced officially an anonymous donation of 500K to this project!  Also, the new financing and phasing of the land purchase has received unanimous final endorsement from EWS Board of Trustees.  Two phases (described here: allow the Town to pay some of the money over time, and apply for additional grant funding during the extended time window.    


Recent major article on water quality:


See new complied aquifer map at  It outlines regions of greatest sensitivity, the DEP aquifer protection zone, and the primary and secondary zones.   Click on the map for even more information. 


Bottom line:  This purchase will secure the primary recharge and the most sensitive land for the Stratton Brook Aquifer.  Land use impacts water quality directly.  Dozens of public wells in CT are tainted or contaminated, and some have been forced to close.


KTW as a group does not endorse any political candidates.  However we are thrilled to announce that both candidates for State Representative are supportive of this preservation effort.  Rob Heagney and Linda Schofield understand that this is a bipartisan issue, and everyone wants this to happen.


If you have not been out for a hike, this is a beautiful season.  Don’t miss it. 


Keep the Woods!