Subject: Final Card Orders, and save the date 1/20 for our EVENT!!!
From: "Masino, Susan A."
Date: Tue, 5 Dec 2006 22:11:01 -0500



The holiday cards have been a big hit.  Thank you!! 


View the card at:


Keep the orders coming!  Email me, call 860-760-6281 and leave a message with the order information, or send order and check via snail mail.  Forward this information to others!  When we receive an order we will ship as soon as possible - we are not waiting for pre-payment.    


We sold out our first run, BUT we immediately made a very large second order.  If you did not receive yours yet it will be going out this week.  Due to time constraints I have not responded to every email personally but I HAVE gotten your orders and best wishes and feedback about how much you like the cards.  For those of you asking for payment details, see below.   Make sure I have the address for shipment. 



Make checks out to “Keep the Woods” and please send payment to:


Keep the Woods

41 Madison Lane

West Simsbury, CT 06092



Please note that we are not making money on the cards.  Including the small paper insert gives the recipient to opportunity to make any level of contribution to this project.  All donation information is available as usual at:


MEETING:  We WILL be having a meeting this Wednesday 12/6 at 7PM at The Maple Tree in Simsbury.  There will be a lot of new information about our EVENT January 20th. 


EVENT:  We are planning a major banquet/social event January 20th.  Right now we are looking for donations to the event, especially unique live auction items such as vacation homes / timeshares, artwork, event tickets, professional services, antiques, jewelry, nice liquor, restaurant gift certificates – in general any sort of unique and desirable good or service.  More details to follow, but if you have an item to offer, please let us know!


Bottom line:  With the holidays, time is short.  Right now, get those cards out and ASAP let us know about gift items.  Save the date, tell your friends and colleagues to save the date, and come to the Maple Tree on Wednesday at 7:00 PM.


As always,


Thank you for your support!