Subject: Important end-of-the year information, meeting and update
From: "Masino, Susan A."
Date: Mon, 18 Dec 2006 00:51:09 -0500



The year is winding down, but our efforts for this project are cranking up.  For this project to be a success, we need everyone on this list to participate.  

This email contains important information about:


1.  pledges and end-of-the-year donations

2.  matching gifts

3.  stock donations

4.  major event January 20th

5.  holiday card wrap-up

6.  meeting Wednesday

7.  my wishes and best wishes


Full donation information available at:



1.  It is the end of the year.  Donations to the Trust for Public Land are fully tax-deductible.  Make sure your gift is targeted to this project.  If you have pledged, SEND IN THE MONEY.  We need to have all the monies assembled before MARCH.   If you send in your money, NOW, TPL can spend time contacting and soliciting other donors rather than tracking you down.  There is no need to wait.  Take advantage of 2006 AND 2007.


2.  If you work for a company that will MATCH your donation, be sure to take advantage of this - check before you donate!  A partial list of companies known to match can be found here:  If you know someone who works at one of these companies, tell them how much you care about this – perhaps they would be willing to make a donation to this project.  Many people throughout the region and beyond care about this land, but they have no idea how and where to donate.  Provide them the information!  


3.  The Trust for Public Land accepts stock donations, often a major financial advantage to the donor.  Stock instructions can be found at:


4.  Our major social event on January 20th is shaping up and will be fabulous.  We have at least two major sponsors, and some really exciting gifts, but we need more of BOTH.  If you have a gift or service, please email  If you would like to be a sponsor, please email  If you want to make sure you are invited, or you know others who should be invited, email me all names and addresses ASAP and I will add them to the list.  We are aiming to finalize the invite list by TUESDAY December 19th – send in names ASAP or leave a message at 860-760-6281 so they will be included.


5.  We have gotten out all of our holiday cards – thank you for your orders!  We hope to have a great response.  We are not making money on selling the cards themselves – be sure to include the insert!  If you ordered and did not receive them, email me right away.  If you have not sent in your check yet, please send it to:


Keep the Woods

41 Madison Lane

West Simsbury, CT 06092


6.  There will be a Community Meeting this Wednesday at the Maple Tree in Simsbury, 7PM.


7.  I wish I had $1.5 million to close this deal.  It would buy me a lot of priceless sleep and time with my family.  Please, make a generous donation to this project.  This is not like any other charitable donation.  You are buying and protecting a permanent, beautiful and irreplaceable asset.  You can touch it.  You can visit it.  Check out the photos here:


We need more significant donations to make this project a success.  $2.75 million is a lot of money, but we have made it this far, surpassed many hurdles, and we have already raised more than a million.  We need everyone networking and contributing, NOW to complete this transaction by March.  Be an ambassador for this historic project.   


Finally, best wishes for the holidays and the New Year!