Subject: Press conference Friday; SHOP on eBay and save this land!
From: "Masino, Susan A."
Date: Wed, 14 Feb 2007 17:55:09 -0500



For those of you that live in Connecticut, there is an important press conference this Friday.  The Trust for Public Land and many organizations that directly or indirectly supported our efforts are behind this proposal.  Wear your KTW T-shirt, button, name tag, etc.  See you there, AND read below for item #2 - eBay info!!!


1.  Press Conference FRIDAY to Announce the Face of CT Campaign

We need a BIG turnout February 16th at 11:30 - Legislative Office Building, Capitol Ave, Hartford CT

The Face of Connecticut campaign is an alliance of natural lands, farmland, historic preservation and municipal redevelopment advocates who are calling on the State of Connecticut to make a $1 billion investment - $100 million annually - over the next decade to help our communities:

·       Plan responsibly for growth and conservation

·       Preserve our most critical watershed and open space lands, farm lands, and historic properties

·       Restore historic buildings, (and) neighborhoods and brownfields

·       Protect and maintain these resources once they have been preserved or restored.

The campaign grew out of the urgent concern that we have very little time left to save the Face of Connecticut - the resources that constitute the visual character of our state, and more importantly reflect the health and vitality of our communities.

To most effectively protect these critical lands and properties we must invest in them and take action from an integrated perspective. What happens in our cities, historic neighborhoods and village centers affects whether our farmlands and forests will survive. Those forests and farms in turn supply clean water, healthy food and recreation for our urban and suburban residents.

Please join us on Friday, February 16th at 11:30 at the Legislative Office Building (room TBD) and we will join with legislators to announce our legislative proposals. Please share this announcement!! It is critical that a lot of supporters are with us Friday.

Connecticut Land Conservation Council – Connecticut Trust for Historic Preservation – Working Lands Alliance - Connecticut Main Street Center - The Trust for Public Land - The Connecticut Farm Bureau - The Nature Conservancy – Connecticut League of Conservation Voters – Connecticut CDFI (Community Development Financial Institutions) Alliance – Connecticut Association of Conservation and Inland Wetlands Commissions – Audubon Connecticut - South Central Regional Water Authority - Connecticut Forest and Parks Association – American Farmland Trust




We’re rolling!!  Dave Chase is spearheading our eBay efforts.  The items devoted to our campaign are up on eBay under his name “davekc”.  They can all be accessed by using the link pasted below.  


We need a constant stream of items to keep this auction going.  We need to do everything we can to ensure the success of this fundraising.  Dave will pick up, photograph – he will do it ALL.  If you live far away, you can send him digital pictures. Contact him at or 860-658-0753 to get your item listed.  Door-to-door service!!  


For a limited time!!  Sell items you no longer need, and get a priceless, permanently protect piece of land in return!  Get your item listed now!