Subject: COURANT reporter, meeting on THURSDAY, eBay items needed
From: "Masino, Susan A."
Date: Thu, 22 Feb 2007 00:01:33 -0500



The KTW eBay auction is in full swing!  We’ve sold a utility trailer, fondue set, mandolins . . .you name it, we’ll sell to raise money for this cause. 


IMPORTANT NEWS:  The meeting this week will be at the Maple Tree Café at 6PM, not 7PM, on Thursday, 2/22.  The Hartford Courant will be there and they are planning on doing a major story about this.  It will be a short meeting but please be there – bring eBay items and any updates you might have!!  


EBAY!!  It’s off and running!!  If you are within an hour of Simsbury we will pick up items and do everything for you.  If you live farther away, send photos and we can list your item.  We want to keep a steady stream of items going.  Email ASAP!!



Save the dates!!  Big press conference in Hartford on the Face of CT, Friday March 2nd.  TU Banquet March 30th.