Subject: Major recognition, upcoming events, legislators to write!
From: "Masino, Susan A."
Date: Mon, 2 Apr 2007 16:27:18 -0400



SURPRISE Awards from TU! 


At the Trout Unlimited Annual Banquet on Friday, Keep the Woods members in attendance received an unexpected group award and major recognition for success in preserving clean water and habitat.  Frank Plona, Special Projects Manager, received a unique award and well-deserved individual recognition for his efforts.  Diane Nash and Susan Masino received the Farmington Valley TU High Honors Award.  Extra special thanks and appreciation go to Al Chase and Dan Leahy.


Trout Unlimited's mission is to “conserve, protect and restore North America's coldwater fisheries and their watersheds”.  Trout Unlimited recognized immediately the importance of this project - they were on the front line and in the front row as an unbelievable source of support, expertise and donations.  Thank you TU!




Thursday, April 5th, 7PM  “People, Prosperity and Place” Eno Hall, Simsbury


This is a regional event.  Many groups and individuals are joining the conversation and efforts to try to help answer questions such as:  “How can towns collaborate regionally to benefit the economy and quality of life for all?” ”How can we preserve our most critical natural and historical resources?”  Since there is no KTW meeting this Wednesday – go to Eno Hall on Thursday!



Town meetings:


Tuesday, April 3rd, 7:30 PM:  Board of Finance Public Hearing on Operating Budgets, Simsbury High School Auditorium

Wednesday, April 4th, 4:15 PM:  Open Space Land Preservation Subcommittee, Town Hall  





The topic of the “People, Place and Prosperity” forum relates directly to a major bipartisan bill before the state legislature RIGHT NOW that NEEDS YOUR SUPPORT.

The “Face of Connecticut” initiative represents an unprecedented partnership among historical preservationists, environmentalists, planners and many others.


Read more about it, sign up for email alerts, and add your organization as a supporter:

Track the bill, find your legislator, and see a sample letter here:

Write in your support for HB 7275, the Face of Connecticut.  There is also a bill for a special appropriation for the Ethel Walker School property:  HB 6395 – Make sure to add your support to this bill also!


Last but not least! - the EWS fundraising success was on the front page of the Simsbury Post this week - check it out here.