Keep the Woods shares science and emerging policies on clean water and natural forest ecosystems for climate, biodiversity and public health. We also share the history of the preservation of the Ethel Walker Woods of Simsbury, a community forest atop a town aquifer.

Our ~10 year successful campaign to preserve the entirety of the Ethel Walker Woods is archived here. An abridged historical news archive is on the right side of this page.

We are always open to submissions at We help efforts and organizations that align explcitly with our mission. Contact us, and check out our current list on our suggestions to Take Action

We share interdisciplinary science and relevant information that ranges from local (most often Simsbury, CT) to regional (usually Southern New England) to national/international. We try to reach all levels when we recommend that you Take Action.

Our goal is to facilitate rapid translation of science into multisolving public policies that “first do no harm.” A network of nature held in the public trust serves the public good. We need natural areas for evolution, science, education and our best future.

Based on this mission and extensive interdisciplinary science we support Proforestation as outlined in a recent report by Drs. William R. MoomawSusan A. Masino, and Edward K. Faison

We oppose subsidies for woody biomass! Burning wood is not clean and is not carbon neutral. Watch the short version of Burned: Are Trees the New Coal.

We sponsor free educational events and share information on opportunities to protect intact forest ecosystems.

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