Endangered species list for Hartford County from the EGIC- http://dep.state.ct.us/cgnhs/PDFs/hartfordctyspecies.pdf

Report any endangered species sightings on the Ethel Walker land to Howard Beach (hbeach@simsbury-ct.gov, 658-3240).  He is the Town of Simsbury’s Conservation/Inland Wetlands and Zoning Compliance Officer.

Environmental and Geographic Information Center Home Page. EGIC is a Division of the Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection. Its program objective is to research and acquire natural resource information, to develop resource management techniques, and to implement data retrieval and delivery systems needed to make informed decision about the state’s land, air, and water systems.

Here’s a Picture of a Fuzzy Owl taken near the Ethel Walker Land (but not actually ON the Ethel Walker land).  Could this be the Short-eared Owl (listed as Threatened on the Hartford Counties Endangered list)?

Fuzzy Owl

Answer: NO. 

This is a Barred Owl (not protected). 

See the Barred Owl here.
See and hear the Short-eared Owl.
Here’s a good site for looking-up various species – http://www.enature.com.