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Sun Oct 8 11:59:15 2006 administrator Archived again on October 8 2006
Fri Oct 13 14:39:36 2006 Sell the woods, sadly because we need tax relief. Throw a Home Depot back there too to save us all gas money. Then start charging Ethel Walker school taxes just like the rest of us. How dare they stab Simsbury in the back after living on the land for free all of these years. Shame on Ethel.
Sun Oct 15 16:53:46 2006 To the previous poster: It is very likely that providing services for the houses built there may well increase your taxes more than this open space purchase.
Mon Oct 16 09:21:43 2006 I agree. To say a housing development represents economic development and can lower your taxes is idiocy. The opposite is true. Developers will say ANYTHING to make a new sub-division appealing. Most of what is promised is not committed to or otherwise necessitated via Planning or Zoning or Wetlands. They will say that they will only build million dollars homes, but that is not what is permitted for through the Planning Commission. In the end, they determine the value of the homes built depending on the housing market at the time. They may say that the children of these homes will attend private schools, but that too is just sweet nothings to make the Town want it. If Simsbury doesn’t purchase this as open space, we will windup with a polluted water supply AND higher taxes. Don’t be fooled by the proponents of development for this land. This land is NOT an appropriate area for a sub-division.
Tue Nov 7 21:58:58 2006 Erin Smith I just got word that the referendum passed!!!!! The tally was 4982 yes and 3561 no votes. There are 892 absentee ballots yet to be counted but this would still be short of the total yes votes. Congratulations to all who worked so diligently on this cause. This just shows that grass roots efforts do work!!! On to the fund raising!!
Fri Nov 10 16:08:45 2006 With absentee ballots the final count is 5426 to 3748. By district – Eno 1439/1390, Latimer 1796/997, Tootin 1483/795, T-ville 708/566. Wins in every district.