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July 15 2006

Town’s Character At Stake

Once every generation or so, we are called upon to make a significant decision regarding Simsbury’s natural and financial resources. Thirty years ago, Simsbury acquired the land that we now know as Simsbury Farms, and we are all thankful that our predecessors had the vision to preserve that land for the good of the town. Today, we face such a decision – whether to preserve the Ethel Walker property and the pristine Stratton Brook aquifer.

This issue is entirely different than any other, financial or philosophical, currently facing Simsbury. Now it is our turn to use vision and save the Ethel Walker property, not only for ourselves, but also for Simsbury’s future.

I am acutely aware of the legitimate financial concerns surrounding the current proposal. But I must also consider the environmental and economic price tag of inaction, which could prove far more costly.

Simsbury, incorporated in 1670, will be here long after we have paid to preserve this piece of property. Whether to acquire this property is about more than a straightforward budget analysis. It is about who we are and what kind of town we want, for today and for tomorrow.

Moira Wertheimer

The writer serves on the Simsbury Board of Selectmen.

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