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October 16 2006

Don’t Develop Ethel Walker Land

If we continue to develop beautiful, environmentally sensitive land, what will we leave for our children? I’m concerned about future generations having no place to go, to enjoy nature, to get away.

Simsbury does not have a dilemma, it has an opportunity it should seize. The Ethel Walker School land needs to be preserved.

I grew up in Hartford. Even when I was a child, going to Simsbury was a special treat. We would visit and drive around whenever my uncle (the only family member who had a car) would take us. Simsbury was a beautiful town then and still is. It has worked hard to save land and now has an opportunity to protect land and drinking water.

There are many other places for houses. Let’s not cover this special land with mansions and more sprawl. I will donate what I can, and I hope other people in the region will also. If the governor cares about smart growth, she should make sure to invest in important pieces like this to save something for future generations in Connecticut.

Land of this quality will be appreciated for all time. Saving it will never be regretted.

Jane Chack
West Hartford

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