Massacoe State Forest (stand 20) is long-recognized as a major east-west wildlife corridor. It is the connection between a core forest and core area on the Eastern Wildway. Unfragmented forest is a conservation priority, and Massacoe is special because it has virtually no invasive plants. It hosts breeding populations of migratory songbirds such as ovenbirds and wood thrushes. It is working at its highest potential to mitigate climate change.

Hundreds of homes surround this natural area. We need and rely on this forest more than ever as a cool, quiet, natural refuge. Many nearby state parks and forests are overcrowded and have even been forced to closed on multiple occasions.

Right now Massacoe State Forest has a rich and healthy understory, with many different sizes, ages and species of trees and plants. It has natural gaps due to storm events. Truly problematic trees can be felled by hand and left on site to fertilize the forest. Eliminating unnecessary intervention now will save money in the long run and keep carbon out of the atmosphere. This project releases carbon that was safely stored above and below ground. It is displacing or killing an unknown number of species and individuals.

We support good forestry, where needed. But a timber harvest and forest remodelling is not the best future for this healthy little community forest. If the demand for regional wood products is so severe that these 80 acres are needed then we should immediately stop exporting wood and make wood recycling and reuse a high priority.

Please review existing policies to ensure they support local wood use, recycling and reuse and responsible forestry in suitable areas. Practitioners deserve a fair wage for their work and private landowners should receive a fair value for timber. For many reasons we need a balance that includes natural self-sustaining public forests.

Please Protect Massacoe State Forest Wildlife Corridor

Dear Decision-makers

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  1. Anonymous

    What is the goal here? This forest is perfect!

  2. Anonymous

    I do not understand why the state of Connecticut would destroy such a beautiful forest for $20,000 worth of lumber. The means to do not justify the ends here. The desecration of this forest must be stopped!

  3. Priscilla Cebrik

    Please keep this natural woods as it is! It is an important wildlife corridor not contaminated by man or invasive species.

  4. William Cordner

    We need to preserve this precious wildlife corridor for our generation and future generations.

  5. Anonymous

    When I read that the town of Simsbury is only receiving $20,000 for the lumber and then it’s possibly being shipped to Canada where it will be turned into lumber or burnt I have to question the wisdom of the person in charge of that deal.

  6. Anonymous

    Simsbury is not receiving any money, I believe this is a state owned land, so that $20K is going to the state. I do agree though that most likely state already spent more than that on surveying and contracting the land, and I am certain it will cost way more in the future if they desire to actually clean up and remove invasives, which will grow in every spot that has been disturbed. As there is a lot more than just trees to the forest and no one seem to consider the underlying structure of the forest being destroyed.

  7. Kim

    The constant noise level, starting early, when they are cutting, clued us in to the mess the lumber jacks have left behind.
    The gash they have left is ugly. I see no benefit to this transaction. I never thought our woods would be sold to such an irresponsible company, for so little.
    Whoever made this deal should be kicked out of office.

  8. Kim

    Also, where they are cutting is precisely where many owls could be heard at night.
    They won’t be back anytime soon. Such a shame.

  9. Anonymous

    Our backyard borders the forest. This is definitely not something I want in my backyard. I don’t care how much money they get for the lumber. The loss far outweighs the gain.

    1. Chris

      I have walked my dog in these woods for several years. I call it “the magical place” because of the amazing beauty and the tangible feeling of something bigger than me that is the magic. If money is the reason for destroying this land, we are surely headed towards human demise. I hate to think that future generations will have to try and inhabit a planet that we so knowingly destroyed for a couple of dollars. Stop the destruction!

  10. Jon Gooch, West Simsbury.

    This space is an invaluable, irreplaceable, not-to-be eviscerated gem to Simsbury. It goes against nature to desecrate it for some cheap lumber deal. Property values, tax-base, peaceful and priceless asset to the homes and environment and it’s a proven wildlife corridor. In the name of all things decent, natural, holy, recuperative, restorative and God-given…. leave it completely alone, do NOT ‘develop’ or ‘harvest’ it, at all, ever, please. If this is a ‘shakedown’ attempt, by all means, ask the locals for the money, they’ll pay (I’m sure) to NOT have anyone/anything done to this land.

  11. Anonymous

    It is highly irresponsible that the government made a deal like this. Stop being so irresponsible with our natural resources.

  12. Dan. Mudgett

    This is a mess any way the DEEPtrys to explain it. They change their story with each question. The true story seems to be that this is a make work project to protect their jobs rather than the wellbeing of the forest or the environment overall.

  13. Anonymous

    I strongly oppose all deforestation ,Lumbering,Clear cutting,and cutting down of all healthy trees throughout
    all Connecticut !

  14. K

    This is a beautiful forest, and Connecticut should be working hard to protect it, not destroy it. It is a foolish decision on DEEP’s part to cut down a healthy, diverse, maturing forest.

  15. J Daly

    I hike the southern part of the Massacoe woods by Town Forest often. One issue that hasn’t been brought up is the bears. I routinely see them in Massacoe. If this habitat is disturbed I imagine it will push them out into the surrounding neighborhoods.

  16. Anonymous

    Enough is enough. Leave the forest as it is.

  17. Anonymous

    We complaine about South America and The Destruction of The Rain Forest. Here in the USA (WAVE THE FLAG) we are also destroying our forest and no one is trying to put a stop to it. Simsbury has destroyed to much forest area already. “When will it stop.”

    1. Anonymous

      Stop blaming Simsbury. I have not met anyone in Simsbury who is in favor of cutting it. If anything most people in Simsbury have always been at the forefront of preserving lands and forests. And every Simsbury official that I have heard is against cutting this forest. The Massacoe State Forest, though located in Simsbury, is owned by the CT State, the word state is in the name. We all trying to gather enough support in hope to be able to convince our State DEEP to stop “remodeling” this forest, but at the end it’s up to the state to make that decision, not Simsbury. And if we fail, the blame belongs to be on the CT DEEP and not Simsbury.

  18. Anonymous

    Please save the forest.

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